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From the very beginning of the planning process, Darren did not cease to amaze us. He is so accommodating, helpful and willing to do whatever he needs to, to make your day perfect.  From arriving early to staying late, Darren and his team provided outstanding service. The videos he created for us are absolutely amazing, we will treasure them forever. We are so grateful for him and his amazing talent!  He is the ONLY videographer that we will ever recommend!

J & K

We could not have asked for a better experience. Darren was not only professional he was extremely friendly. I recommend Darren to everyone I hear getting married. What you get for the price is amazing. He is very talented!

J & D

Our wedding video was one of the most important parts of our wedding day! We wanted  a videographer that could make our wedding day look like an actual movie you would see in the movie theater. We wanted someone who knew cinematography and could capture the details and the emotion while telling our story! We hit the jackpot when we met Darren of Good Times Productions. He is quick to respond, he has such a unique eye and he is an amazing story teller. We cannot tell you how blown away we were by our wedding videos. We have watched them over and over again. Our friends and family all say the same thing “This is the best wedding video they have EVER seen and they felt like they were watching an actual movie”. Mission accomplished. We will relive this magical day over and over again because of Darren. Passing on a wedding video is a huge mistake, pictures are lovely, but a video transports you right back to that day and the emotion you felt. We are forever grateful…best investment we have ever made aside from the investment we made in one another! Thank you! xo


C & B

Good Times Productions should be listed on the top 3 list of wedding must haves!  This crew, Darren and Anthony will blow your mind when you see what they can do with the memory of your wedding. It was THE best money we spent and worth every penny.  Meticulous and Magical is how we can describe their work.  They are like working with your best friends!


Good Times Productions is by far the best in the business! If you are just looking at photography and overlooking video then you are making a mistake! We are so happy that we chose to have our wedding captured by Good Times. Their videos are so professional we thought we where watching a blockbuster film from hollywood. Don't look at the price, look at the memories that you can watch over and over again!


Timeless masterpieces, really. A true master of the medium.


We could not be any more happy with Good Time Productions. In our opinion, they are the best wedding videographers out there! Darren was great to work with during our wedding day, they captured so much wonderful moments and did an excellent job of editing everything. The highlight video of our wedding can only be described as epic! Our friends and family all commented that it was like a movie trailer! 


A & YC

If you want someone who will provide you with creative work, professional attitude, and outstanding video quality for your wedding day, we highly suggest you have Good Times Productions shoot your wedding video.

"You will not be disappointed.”

E & S

Darren Field, in my opinion, is the best in the business. If you want a wedding film as opposed to a mere wedding video, then he is the one for you. His films evidence an artistic eye, a flare for the epic, and meticulous care for detail. He goes above and beyond in the services he offers and the products he creates. 

J & E

We could not be happier with the decision to hire Good Times Productions for our wedding video. We loved working with Darren and are extremely happy with the quality and creativity of our wedding video. Though Darren was the only videographer from his team that we hired, we were surprised by the variety of shots and angles he was able to capture. Darren caught all the important moments of the day, and then some, without “getting in the way” or interrupting the flow of the ceremony and reception. If anything, he helped make the day more relaxing and enjoyable with moments like our fun bridal party shoot, or the impromptu hand massage while getting my hair done. Darren is very easy to get along with and is an amazing videographer. He definitely went the extra mile to create a fun, unique, and special video for us that will be cherished forever! We recommend Good Times Productions to every couple who wants to capture their day in a creative and special way

C & S

"Our wedding video was off the hook!"

B & M

Good Time Productions is nothing short of amazing! Our wedding video completely blew us away. We looked at other videographers' work in the early stages of planning the wedding, and found them all rather cheesy and/or really boring, and had even considered not doing one. We're SO glad we did! Darren is a real artist and has a great eye for things - definitely knows exactly what he's doing. Truly everyone who's seen our video has just raved about it. It's been so fun to be able to relive our wedding day again and again.

J & K


We highly recommend Darren Field from Good Times Productions. Darren did a fabulous job capturing all the action at our wedding. From the moment we arrived at our venue, Darren was on the go, capturing every moment for us. He made our day so much fun with all the ideas he had to generate unique and special footage. We were very impressed with his talent at being everywhere at the right place and time and formulating these moments into an artistic and entertaining finished product. Our video turned out to be an action-packed, accurate summary of the day- very different from some of the documentary style videos we had seen friends and family receive. Our expectations were very much exceeded!

K & L

Very professional and got all of the important highlights of our Wedding Night! We were blown away by the creativity and details he provides us with on our DVD of our special night and one time event! Thank you so much! Great work; truly a blessing that you have!

A & N

Darren was fantastic! We are so beyond happy that we decided to get a videographer - it was the best decision we made. Now it's so fun to watch the DVD and highlight reel and relive the day! With all the nerves and stuff happening on a wedding day, it's hard to remember the specifics from the toasts, ceremony, etc. This is the perfect way to remember everything. Darren was very professional, fun, easy to work with, and most importantly - the video was AMAZING! It was more than what we could have hoped for, and cannot wait to watch it in the years to come! We highly recommend him to anyone that's considering having a videographer - we had such a great experience.

M & L

Darren and his team are hands down the best.  They were amazing to work with on our wedding day and the finished product is something that our friends and family absolutely love…this was more movie than wedding video.  Epic!

A & S

Thank you for your work at our wedding. You truly are a master of the art and we are so thankful we decided to use your amazing skills at our wedding. Your videos tell a story and evoke emotion like no one has ever seen before. We will continue to recommend you! THANK YOU!

P & A

We absolutely LOVE the dvd.  Everyone is extrememly pleased with your work.  It's amazing!   You captured moments Alec and I truly would have regreted missing out on.  We've already told our friends about your work and hope that we can help contribute to your success.  Your videos are unlike any that we have seen before.  Our parents were blown away by it!  We can't wait to show everyone.  :D

Thank you, thank you!!

A & A

Darren and his team are absolute magic. From the second we watched a few of his videos, we were certain we wanted Good Times Productions to create our wedding video. From day one, Darren was nothing but helpful and considerate in making sure our wedding video was perfect and just how we envisioned. The day of our wedding he was very calming and professional, but also so much FUN to work with! He genuinely cares about his clients and it shows in his work and his excitement in doing it. I cannot describe how incredibly amazing our video turned out, it is beyond beautiful and our friends and family have commented over and over, "this is the most amazing videography for a wedding I've ever seen, its like watching a movie." He truly creates a work of art and it was worth every penny because we have a gorgeous movie that we can cherish for the rest of our lives. You will not be disappointed with Good Times Productions.

S & B

Darren is THE best out there !! Every time I watch our video’s, my eyes leak. It’s been over six months since our wedding day and the videos are STILL making me cry. Darren and his team are that good! They beautifully captured all of the emotions and love we experienced on our special day. I knew as soon as I watched one of their video’s, that Good Times Productions was who I wanted to capture our wedding day. Darren was so helpful, professional, calming, knowledgeable, and the list goes on. I was so happy he and Anthony were a part of our wedding. Not only did we get an amazing video, but we had a TON of fun working with them. I truly felt like GTP was happy to be a part of our day and they made us both feel so special! Our  videos are so beyond! We feel like movie stars, the quality of our videos is THAT good! I can’t recommend Good Times Productions enough! They are worth every penny! We feel so lucky to have such a beautiful way to remember the day. Every time we watch our movie we are transported back to our wedding and filled with so much love and emotion. We can’t thank GTP enough for giving us such a gift that we will be able to cherish forever! You won’t regret using Good Times Productions, you’ll regret NOT using them! Thank you Darren and Anthony! 

K & T

The most important thing to us when were choosing a videographer, was to hire someone who was going to be able to have us relive the best day of our life. When we came across Good Time Productions, we were getting emotional watching total stranger’s wedding videos! That’s when we were sold, but getting to work with Darren and his team was far better than we could have ever imagined. From the start, Darren is the easiest person to get along with and is so genuine you can tell he loves what he does. My husband and I are not people who are normally comfortable in front of a camera, so we were a little nervous, but Darren and Anthony were super cool and made us so relaxed. It was honestly a breeze working with them. They were so professional and worked really well with the photographer and other vendors we hired. Now the videos we received…there are no words for how stunning and perfect they truly are. Darren went above and beyond any expectation I could have had. The quality of the videos were pristine. It feels like every little detail was captured. The music felt so intentionally used to compliment the videos, and the story that was told in each video was so beautiful. I love my husband more than anything, and his videos were able to capture that and the magic that was our wedding day. When I shared them on social media, I had random people requesting to follow me just to watch the videos. Good Time Productions was the best choice we could have made in hiring a videographer. Thank you Darren and Anthony for being a dream to work with!!

C & S

When you want the very, very best….. Our first viewing of our wedding video, surpassed all of our expectations. It wasn’t just that the editing and scene quality were so perfect ---it’s that it captured the magical mood so very amazingly. Not only did Darren and Good Times Productions manage to highlight the love between us, they also managed to include our family, friends and guests so well. Everyone got the little thrill of seeing that they were a part of it. And the fact that they made a wedding trailer, a highlight video, and a feature film, as well as separate videos of the ceremony and toasts was seriously the best. We love all of them so much and it’s nice to have choices on what to show based on our audience and the time we have. When we watch the video, it isn’t just reviewing a wonderful time. Rather Tommy and I are truly transported back to our special day, and all the wonderful and special emotions that came with it. We would not hesitate to recommend Good Times Productions for your wedding videographers. Not only did we love working with them, they were also such an asset at our wedding. Friends and family commented on how friendly and professional they were. Reliable, personable, creative staff, all leading up to the perfect wedding video for us. What more could you ask for?

T & S

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so very much!! This had me in tears it was so beautiful! You guys did an amazing job, we absolutely love it!! Thank you for being a part of our wonderful marriage. You and your team worked so hard to bring our experiences to life. Cannot wait to share with family and friends over a glass of bubbly! Will be recommending you to all our friends! Good luck and Thank you so much!

C & W